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What is a Schematic?

Often used in a variety of contexts, schematics are diagrams used to visually explain the structure and process of a given system or product. In the field of electronics, schematics are generally used to explain the operation of circuits and their constituent parts. But the scope of a schematic goes much deeper.

By definition, a schematic is a simplified representation of an electrical circuit, showing how it is constructed and how components interact with each other. Schematics are primarily graphical in nature, since little or no text is used. Instead, shapes, arrows, and other symbols are used to indicate different components, connections, and paths.

When used to represent a circuit, schematics are useful in providing an overview of a project before diving into actual construction. They provide an excellent way to connect a physical circuit with its logical form. Additionally, schematics offer valuable insight into the operation of a circuit, its logic, and its design.