Yuri Calderón, the former police officer, is released for good

The disciplinary court of the Department of Police decided to permanently dismiss General Yuri Calderón, the former commander of the Bolivian police, without the right to reinstatement. The information has been confirmed to Los Tiempos by Vice Minister Nelson Cox.

The resolution provides for “the withdrawal or final withdrawal from the police force without the right to reinstatement against Yuri Calderón Mariscal for violating art. 41 paragraph 10 and art. 2 Clause 3 of Law 101 of the Disciplinary Regime of the Bolivian Police in compliance with Art. 93 of the above-mentioned norm “

The former police chief is a refugee because of the so-called “coup” case, in which he is linked to former president Jeanine Áñez, along with other military personnel.

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