Yungas producers warn against reactivating mobilizations if another coca market is opened

Leaders of the Coca Producers’ Association (Adepcoca) reported that coca farmers have declared a state of emergency and are warning to reactivate mobilizations if the government and Arnold Alanez open a new coca market outside of the law.

The reaction from coca farmers comes after Arnold Alanez announced that he would be opening a new coca store next Tuesday.

The leaders blamed the Department of Rural Development and the Deputy Department of Coca for Alanez’s intention to open another market and warned against transferring the mobilizations to these government agencies.

“If you want to create a third market, we will not be on the Adepcoca site again, but on the site of the Coca Deputy Ministry in the Ministry of Rural Development,” said Chulumani manager Wilson Mollihuanca.

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The coca farmers’ leaders assured that the Yungas were now united without any political color, since even members of the MAS were with them, and asked the government not to promote the split.

Leader Marcelo Apaza pointed out that the Yungas are in dire straits and will be mobilized if some “bad officials” encourage division with another market. He mentioned Coca’s Deputy Minister Pablo Jové and the Minister for Rural Development, Remmy Gonzales.

He recalled that Law 906 only recognized the Adepcoca and Sacaba markets and therefore opening a third party would be illegal.

He called on Vice Minister Jové not to bring about any further split, for example what happened with an order to transfer the functions of the Directorate-General for Marketing and Industrialization of the Coca Leaf (Digcoin) to other institutions. He said that this department has already been granted facilities to operate at Villa Fatima headquarters.

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Adepcoca’s attorney Evelyn Cossío pointed out that the election of Arnold Alanez and Armin Lluta was not known after the decision of the last coca farmers’ meeting.

In this context, he pointed out that Alanez did not represent Adepcoca and that the Ministry of Rural Development had to discuss the coca issue with regional leaders.

Adepcoca already has an electoral committee, the chairman of which, Maicol Reyes, has announced that there will be a new board within 30 to 45 days.


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