Yungas: Coca farmers in connection with MAS are calling for new elections

Coca producers affiliated with MAS called for new internal elections to give legitimacy to their leadership in Adepcoca. The date is set for September 20, reported Página Siete.

“The new elections will be held based on how many members present themselves to the assembly because of complaints from a sector that did not vote (on the 4th. We’ll see what the leaders of the Regionals propose,” the vice-president of Adepcoca told the MAS, Félix Machaca, quoted by the La Paz newspaper.

The meeting is scheduled for September 20 at 9:00 a.m. in the sports field of the Chuquiago area.

Página Siete stated that the calls include “President Luis Arce as guests; the government minister Eduardo del Castillo; the Minister for Rural Development, Reymi Gonzales; the deputy minister of Coca, Rolando Canceno, the deputy Gladis Quispe and the head of the general management of

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Commercialization and industrialization of the coca leaf (Digcoin), Darío Manríquez, all MAS, an aspect that violates the Adepcoca statutes.

Once the anti-government coca farmers from Los Yungas rejected the elections called by Elena Flores’ group and also rejected the presence of Evo Morales and Juan Ramón Quintana in regional decisions.


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