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Almost a month after the government announced the transfer of information on Jeanine Áñez’s health status to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), after the request for precautionary measures in the defense of the former president, there is still no response from the international organization, despite the urging of interested parties Political party.

Jaime Aparicio, a former diplomat and former Bolivian ambassador to the OAS, described the delay as “very worrying” and hopes the ideological issue does not affect the impartiality that should characterize the IACHR as several of its members are publicly “on the left.” . “.

Aparicio deplored the IACHR’s lack of response to a human rights violation and the apparent deterioration in Áñez’s health. “Although nominal deadlines are set in some cases, the international organization is not required to meet deadlines and there is no authority to force it,” he said.

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As soon as the IACHR has an answer, it first informs the interested parties of its decision and then publishes it.


Prosecutor General Wilfredo Chávez reported on September 10 that the state had sent the IAHR the response to the request for information the agency had asked for precautionary measures for former President Jeanine Áñez.

Áñez’s defense urged the IACHR to take precautionary measures to protect the former president’s life and health after she tried to injure herself in Miraflores Prison, where she has been in preventive detention since March over the alleged coup.

The IACHR must be impartial

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“The IACHR should have responded by now because it already has all the elements of the verdict, has the presentation and even has a letter of amendment from Áñez’s doctor denying statements by other doctors who said the former president was in good health without accepting go to the hospital, “said former diplomat Jaime Aparicio.

The fact that the IACHR remains silent is not good for anyone, said the former ambassador; it reflects that there is some tension within the commissioners.

“The IACHR must act with serenity. In 2019, he gave precautions to several people in record time, ”he said.


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