You see a risk that the MAS uses the GIEI report for three purposes:

The report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) on the 2019 crisis can be used by the MAS for three purposes.

Its goals include pushing through the “coup narrative”, harassing former President Evo Morales, and ransacking his 2025 candidacy.

According to the analyst Rolando Tellería, the ruling party will try to use the report to enforce the version of the “coup d’état” as the main political goal of the government of Luis Arce.

“They will inevitably use it that way because they have all the means of power like the judiciary and the prosecutor,” he said.

He adds that behind it all lies a political strategy from former President Morales, who intends to raid his 2025 candidacy as a victim.

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Regarding the GIEI report presented in Bolivia this week, he said that it was losing objectivity in describing the context, but did not stress that the country was on the verge of “civil war”.

Sociologist Fernando Salazar pointed out that the country is again at risk of confrontation amid the crisis caused by the pandemic.

“The GIEI report contains many contributions, but it also limits key facts that have not been thoroughly examined. There is light, however, and it can be deepened, ”he indicated.

He continued: “Unfortunately there is a risk of exploiting the GIEI report.”


The GIEI report was presented in the country this week. The document laid down responsibilities in both the Evo Morales government and the transitional government of Jeanine Áñez.

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The independent experts stressed that the report on human rights violations in the 2019 crisis was not usable for judicial purposes and called for a reform of the judiciary, which is currently tied to the government.


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