You leave it to the regions to determine the type of courses

The educational units and regional authorities will determine the modalities of return to class in 2022: face-to-face, mixed or at a distance, depending on the degree of the contagion curve. Classes at all levels will start on February 1st and enrollments will start on January 17th, Education Minister Édgar Pary reported yesterday, who confirmed that vaccination cards are not required for student registration.

“In regular education we have the modalities of remote, blended and face-to-face support; it will depend on decentralized work in different educational contexts. The choice of the individual modalities is made by each educational unit, the district and the educational directorate of the department. The behavior of Covid-19 is evaluated with the headquarters in constant coordination so that we can develop our activities, ”said Pary at a press conference.

The resolution defines the modalities as follows:

a) Personally. It implies the physical presence of the students, teaching and administrative staff involved in the development of the teaching-learning process in the educational unit. This modality can be chosen in school settings for a number of at least 20 students per parallel school and school year.

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b) mixed. It is the alternation of face-to-face and remote modalities that develops the learning processes in the educational unit and at home.

c) At a distance. The learning processes are developed with the support of resources and tools from information and communication technology. This modality does not require the physical presence of the students.

Reported that a vaccination card against Covid-19 is not a requirement for student enrollment

Between January 20 and 25, the modality of education would have to be determined according to the behavior of the pandemic.

Pary emphasized that no vaccination certificate is required to enroll students. Vice Minister of Regular Education Bartolomé Puma said that presenting a PCR test will allow students to return to class. However, Pary urged parents to vaccinate their children against Covid-19 and avoid infections.

“We need to work on biosecurity measures, not only will biosecurity teams be deployed, but implemented to guarantee personal instruction,” he said.

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On the other hand, for private schools, Pary reported that he will hold meetings with their representatives this week to analyze the situation of pensions and to see if they will be maintained or increased.

He made it clear that so far the pensions of the 2021 management will be maintained.

Parents ask for virtual return

The parents of private schools in Bolivia yesterday asked the Ministry of Education to initiate school activities in virtual or remote mode due to the increase in cases and to form a health commission together with the parents of public, agreement and private schools.

The aim is to guarantee biosecurity protocols to reduce the risk of infection in the classrooms, said parent representative Ernesto Suárez. He said that before registration begins on Jan. 17, they will wait for a response from education authorities to understand the regulations on this approach.


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