You have a new permanent dismissal for the former head of the Felcc, Iván Rojas

The police disciplinary system has set the definitive dismissal of the former head of the Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc), Iván Rojas, due to the 2019 riot.

It is the second final dismissal dictated by the Rojas Police Disciplinary Court in 2021. The first release was announced in March, in a trial accusing the former colonel of desertion for failing to present himself to serve.

In the second case against him, Rojas is accused of “inciting or conducting unrest, strikes, suspension or interruption of the service, such as protest actions or pressure measures”, for which the disciplinary court determined his final dismissal, said the vice ministry with decolonization, which denounced the case.

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According to the findings of this means of communication, Rojas was tried in absentia during the uprising because he would be in Chile.

Rojas was head of Felcc during the transitional government. Subsequently, he was confronted not only at the police disciplinary level, but also at the criminal law level with proceedings in which he was accused of legitimizing illegal profits, manipulating investigations and the disappearance of Evo Morales’ military files.


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