You confirm the start of classes for February 1st and the modalities of study depend on the pandemic

Education Minister Edgar Pary confirmed this Monday that the activities of the Management School 2022 will begin on February 1st and that the validity of the three personal, mixed and virtual study modalities will depend on the behavior of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

“It is officially confirmed that we will start educating management on February 1, 2022, taking into account the behavior of the epidemic in each of the contexts our educational units are in,” Pary told Unitel.

He added that the wish for 2022 is to start classroom teaching and for this we are working with the authorities of the subnational governments, especially the authorities of the municipalities, to condition the infrastructures of the schools on the subject of biosecurity measures, hygiene services and all aspects that can influence the topic of pandemic control.

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He pointed out that one of the important aspects of returning to face-to-face teaching is vaccination, not just for students and teachers, but also for the general population, as the sources of infection are not just in schools, they are too in places where people cluster together.

“We are calling for reflection on society as a whole, parents who have not previously been vaccinated and can now because success or failure (returning to face-to-face teaching) will in some ways depend on it,” he said.

In a brief assessment of how the three forms of education work, Pary argued that education works in all aspects because the teacher rates the student on the basis of learning in the classrooms and, at the same point where the support is provided, a student has some weakness .

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He also stated that the successes and mistakes in the educational issue will only be known as desertion and postponements after the management process is completed in 2021.

Since the pandemic hit Bolivia in March 2020, there have been several problems in the education system in Bolivia, for example, at the time of migration to virtual classes, there were difficulties in accessing the Internet, in this regard the Minister of Education stated that the responsibility did not exist is only from the central level, but also from sub-national governments.


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