You can see that the prosecution has no evidence against Luis Fernando Camacho

The suspension of the statement by Luis Fernando Camacho, the governor of Santa Cruz, before the State Department in what is known as a “coup d’état” is a government strategy to prolong this process because of the lack of evidence, according to analysts. Prosecutors argued that the postponement of the Santa Cruz Authority’s appearance was due to the failure of his father, José Luis Camacho, to testify on the case.

The journalist and lawyer Andrés Gómez points out that there is a political calculation of the government to make the trumped-up “coup” case last because it is not convenient for them to clarify the fact for lack of evidence, and they use it wrongly Process of polarizing the country and persecuting its “enemies”.

“I conclude that there was coordination between the prosecutor, the government ministry and the terrorists who threatened. The coordination was aimed at demonstrating power and instilling fear, not just in the opposition but in the population. The goal is to demoralize your opponents. Even before the defeat of the MAS by the coca producers of Yungas, there was mood in the opposition. This fact awakened the spirit of the opposition. So Camacho challenged, ”he explained.

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For Cucho Adett Zamora, a Santa Cruz political analyst, the public ministry, if independent, could not suspend any of the measures it was taking. “But if there is a fabricated crime, if there is a person who has not actually committed a crime and has only accompanied a people who are really fed up with electoral fraud and after the imposition of a government like the MAS, then now they realize that the people choose and drag the people, so they decide to suspend the hearing at this point, first that of Luis Fernando Camacho’s father and give a guideline that the ministry and the judiciary are dependent on the government, “he said.


In his analysis, Gómez states that the government expected Camacho to offer an apology for the non-declaration in La Paz, but since the governor of Santa Cruz confirmed his presence in La Paz, the prosecution – that of the Government controlled – the statement by the first Santa Cruz authority.

He explained that since Monday events had started to weave strangely and that everything seemed to be coordinated by the government ministry, the suspected terrorists and the prosecutor.

“Also, the coordination between the government department, the terrorists and the prosecutor was very obvious. The minister (Eduardo del Castillo) announced on Monday morning that there were groups that wanted to attack Camacho; The terrorist group showed up in the afternoon. At dawn on Tuesday, some dolls and graffiti appeared with insults and threats. A scene of terror. If Camacho got into this scenario, the government ministry would be required to ensure his safety to prevent groups identified by the same government from attacking him, “he said.

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The MAS blames the right

The reactions in the MAS to the suspension were diverse and ranged, among other things, from the self-victimization of Luis Fernando Camacho, who are actions of the right-wing.

Cruceños MP Ányelo Céspedes said the videos circulating on social networks threatening Camacho were fabricated by the opposition to harass him. Former deputy Lidia Patty, who complained about the trial, pointed out that “they hung up dolls, it’s a strategy to blame us, they hung up and say people are mobilizing; our brothers, they are calm, they are humble ”.

However, it turned out that a group of “self-called” members associated with the MAS had hung up the Luis Fernando Camacho dolls.


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