You are rescuing seven wild animals from a restaurant in La Paz

Forest Police and Environmental Protection (Pofoma) seven wild animals rescued on Tuesday exhibited as a tourist attraction in a restaurant in Caranavi in ​​the tropical zone of the department of La Paz.

On his Facebook page, Pofoma reported that in the place he had found a deer, a sloth, a spider monkey, two parabas, two big yellow turtles. All animals have been brought to the Senda Verde Refuge and Vesty Pakos Municipal Biopark, where they will undergo a rehabilitation process and subsequent release to their natural habitat.

To Law No. 1333, called the Environmental LawThe breeding, owning, transporting, selling, domestic trade and exporting of wild or wild animals in order to remove them from their natural habitat for captivity and domestication is absolutely prohibited; subject to criminal sanctions from those responsible or owners.

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