You are repatriating three Bolivian children who have been orphaned in Argentina

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the repatriation of three minors who were orphaned in Argentina after their mother died on Thursday.

“The children Nahuel CR (5 years old), Matías R. (7) and Jon R. (9) were brought back on a commercial flight from Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) to be watched by their aunt after their mother on died on February 24 of cardiac arrest, “said a statement from the State Department.

The Bolivian authorities also managed the birth certificates of minors with dual citizenship, but their documents were lost. In addition, they coordinated “with the Council for the Rights of Boys, Girls and Young People of Argentina, the Argentine Civil Court and the Argentine Migration Court to uphold the rights of minors, including measures to allow children to return in decent conditions. Children to Bolivia, “adds the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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