You are questioning hiring a law firm in the US to see the Murillo case

National Assembly members and lawyers doubt the government is wasting the state’s economic resources by hiring a US law firm to pursue former Secretary of State Arturo Murillo’s allegations of bribery and money laundering. They see possible economic damage to the state.

MEPs Óscar Balderas and Alberto Astorga say that “the involvement of Attorney Wilfredo Chávez” in a trial taking place in the United States is not understood.

“This effort, which is made with the trip to the USA for the commissioning of a law firm, is unjustified; In any event, it is the Bolivian judiciary that needs to continue investigating the crimes Murillo is alleged to have committed, but US justice is a different issue, “Astorga said.

He added that this was causing economic damage to the state as the agency’s actions on US land were not justified.

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Congressman Balderas pointed out that during this period the MAS government again has the luxury of wasting economic resources, although in this case it has lost its compass.

“We don’t understand what role this company would play when everything is ready for the process, but we come back to the same thing: masistic leadership abuses the use of public resources. We are talking exactly about unclear situations, Bolivia will hire a law firm, total rubbish, “he said.

In turn, defense lawyer Ramiro Cárdenas said Prosecutor Chavez was not involved in the trial. “We undoubtedly have a prosecutor who, instead of defending the interests of the state, defends the interests of Evo Morales, wants to launder his dearly. He must wait for justice to be determined, a judgment, and then take action ”.

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Fixed costs are calculated per hour worked

The Bolivian government has charged the US law firm Greenberg Traurig with three lawsuits.

When he asked the Attorney General how much it would cost the state to hire these attorneys in the United States, he said that these are the usual practices for international litigation. “We use the same standard used for hiring attorneys that the Attorney General’s Office has in various international arbitrations that we have. Nothing more and nothing less, ”he said.

Chavez pointed out that in addition to the criminal proceedings in the United States, the Bolivian state is launching a civil lawsuit to reclaim $ 2.3 million among other acts.


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