You add activities that require you to carry your vaccination card

With every day that goes by, more institutions and centers that promote gastronomic, leisure or sports activities decide to apply for the vaccination card as a prerequisite for entry.

The aim is to encourage people to go to medical centers to get their vaccine against Covid-19.


The cities of El Alto, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba have decided to require a Covid-19 vaccination certificate to participate in at least five activities to encourage vaccination and contain the pandemic.

In Cochabamba, it is mandatory to present a vaccination card to participate in night activities selling alcoholic beverages. In the Santa Cruz metropolitan area, this measure is due to take effect from next Monday to enter markets, restaurants and nightclubs.

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Only vaccinated fans are allowed to enter sports facilities in the country’s metropolitan area. The Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) and the Ministry of Health and Sport had to sign an agreement that includes the proposal that professional football only allow people with a vaccination card against Covid-19 to enter its games, with the idea of ​​promotion and mass vaccination.

In the city of El Alto, this requirement is now essential in all decentralized units of the municipality as well as for the parents of the schools returning to mixed classes, the drivers and the union sector, said Mayor Eva Copa.

According to a report from the Ministry of Health and Sports, 41 percent of the vaccinable population received the first dose of Covid-19 and only 27 percent completed the country’s vaccination schedule. La Paz, Cochabamba and Sucre lead in the percentage of use of the doses distributed.

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