You activate the red seal against the Parada brothers for the Fall Spirit items

Interpol activated the red stamp for the arrest and extradition of the brothers Antonio and Guillermo Parada, two of the main perpetrators of ghost items from the Santa Cruz mayor’s office.

The commander of the Bolivian Police, Jhonny Aguilera, announced that with this request it is expected that the authorities of Brazil, where they are reported,

“A few minutes ago the government minister informed me about the red alert that had been imposed on the Parada brothers who were in Brazil, which means that the two people will be transferred to our country,” he said.

The Parada brothers officially and voluntarily went to the Brazilian Federal Police in Corumbá to seek refuge on December 21, arguing that they were the victims of police and judicial persecution in Bolivia without giving them the right to a defense.

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“Once the refugee application has been processed, these people have no way of legally leaving this country, which means they are required to report them. As soon as they approach the borders, they will be detained,” Aguilera told ATB.

The State Ministry issued an arrest warrant for both of them on December 6th.


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