Yassir Molina notes omissions in the GIEI report and assures that the RJC acted in

Yassir Molina, a member of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC), expressed anger at the failures he believed the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) report would have on the events in Cochabamba in 2019.

“I notice that the dead we had in Cochabamba, the 22 motorcycles burned, the more than 250 injured, the blatant detainees are not mentioned,” said Molina.

The member of the RJC spoke from the San Roque prison in Sucre, where he is charged in preventive detention for the protests and destruction registered in the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2020, reported journalist Iván Ramos from the ERBOL network.

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Molina said that in 2019 people were defending their ideals against election fraud.

“There has never been a coup, there has been a fraud to which the population has reacted and we have had to take the appropriate measures to defend our citizens,” he said.

He justified the RJC’s actions in 2019 on the grounds of legitimate defense.

“If they come with machetes, with stones, with firearms, we cannot wait for them with flowers and hugs. That is why we have responded on the basis of a legitimate defense, because we will not allow them to destroy and intimidate our city.” our families, “he claimed.

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The GIEI report indicated that the RJC was originally organized to defend the blockades placed by citizen groups against attacks by members of the MAS, but the use of force increased as it had more supporters.

The document confirms that the resistance carried out police duties such as patrols armed with bazookas and explosives. He adds that even the RJC worked closely with law enforcement.

“… the practices of the RJC were particularly violent, racist and discriminatory,” the report said.


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