Within the MAS, four blocs emerge that fight for power

Four days before the thirteenth anniversary of the Plurinational State is celebrated, internal differences in the Movement for Socialism (MAS) come to light with four blocs trying to impose themselves on the government. The party leadership points out that there are “internal enemies” that they want to split, but unity is guaranteed.

Questions have emerged in the MAS in recent hours between representatives of the blocs who are trying to win more space in the Cabinet of Ministers, despite claiming that this is a non-delegable responsibility of President Luis Arce.

The factions identified are the Choquehuanca generation, those supporting Arce, the hard wing of Evo Morales and recently the young people following Andrónico Rodríguez.

“For me there is no division, but there are personal interests of someone who wants to cast a shadow, wants to pollute the MAS, but we will continue to work, enforce unity, so that we can continue to strengthen ourselves politically in the MAS. There are unknown individuals who have been expelled from the MAS lineage because of a series of mistakes they made. They are the ones who do harm, campaign badly and speak badly,” said MAS Vice President Gerardo García.

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MAS President Evo Morales questioned the Vice President’s group on the matter, calling it a “big mistake” and an attempt that will fail.

“There is a silence, an emptiness (…) There are complaints from the people (they say) why they don’t come out, and also several ministers don’t come out. The claim is permanent from the bases because only our President comes out (to show his face),” Garcia said.


MP Rolando Cuellar (MAS) reiterated that renewal is underway and there is no turning back. He said García is not the official voice of MAS, let alone social organizations.

“Mr Gerardo García seems to have a twist in his head, we currently have a national leadership, an outdated leadership, there really should be a national congress and the national congress has been running for seven years and they have not convened a congress. What Gerardo García speaks is not the official voice of the MAS since his post has already expired (…). He’s going to have to take back what he said against our vice president,” he said.

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Vice President Choquehuanca called for unity over phone calls at the extended Blue Party meeting last Sunday in Montero, Santa Cruz, in view of the intention to split the organizations that support him.

“We will not allow them to divide us, there are many interests that want to divide us, that want to make us fight among themselves, we will not allow it; especially the youth, the youth must defend themselves and the experience of the elderly is important, the experience of the elderly is complemented by the youth,” affirmed Choquehuanca on that occasion.

Sanctions for those who share

“For example, at a meeting I attended in Pando, our brothers reported that a bloc called Choquehuanca was primarily formed. Another sector is the Luis Arce Catacora block, another the Evo Morales block, and finally youth with the Andrónico block,” deputy Héctor Arce and part of the Evo Morales block questioned. He assured that those who encourage division will be sanctioned.


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