WHO is concerned about the increase in cases in Bolivia and calls for vaccination to be accelerated

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday expressed its concern about the increase in Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Bolivia and called for the vaccination process to be accelerated, as this is the only way to counter the pandemic.

“The WHO Mission in Bolivia expresses concern about the increase in cases in Bolivia in recent weeks. Several countries in America are in the same situation. From December 19-25, more than half of the region’s countries and territories reported a 20% increase in cases. The worrying variant of Omicron has been reported in 27 countries and territories in America, “the WHO said in a statement.

PAHO / WHO encourages the population to follow instructions issued by the Department of Health and Sports and the National Strategic Council on Health Emergencies in order to comply with the extraordinary measures that make it possible to stop the current fourth wave of the pandemic.

“We urge the population to continue and reinforce the recommendations of the national authorities on the strict and correct use of the chinstrap in a universal way both in open and closed public spaces, ventilation of closed environments, capacity less than 50%. of places in public, avoid crowds, frequent washing such as hand disinfection, with soap and water and / or alcohol, and physical and social distancing, ”the statement said.

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The representative of the PAHO / WHO in Bolivia, Alma Morales, asked the Bolivian people to act in a committed and responsible manner in compliance with the regulations issued by the national authorities.

“Only with the disciplined, correct, appropriate, timely and efficient application of the entire Bolivian population can this new wave of pandemics be contained and mitigated,” he said.

The government has enacted a number of regulations requiring vaccination cards in public and private establishments and declared a national emergency, with measures such as controlling drug prices and banning crippling health activities.

PAHO / WHO recommended people who have suspicious symptoms of Covid-19 or who have had close contact with a sick or asymptomatic person to immediately go for diagnostic tests and report any contacts they have had contact with. He also urges those who test positive to maintain proper quarantine to break the virus’ chains of transmission.

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The WHO claimed that vaccinations were still the best cost-benefit strategy to tackle the pandemic.

“Vaccinations have shown globally and in Bolivia to have more benefits than risks against developing the disease,” the agency said.

WHO insisted that citizens must meet their vaccination schedules in order to be adequately protected from developing serious illness or death.

WHO stressed that the Plurinational State of Bolivia is making every effort to provide adequate vaccines to its population and that the country currently has doses in all health facilities.

“PAHO / WHO calls for faster vaccination coverage against Covid-19, whose vaccines have enough scientific evidence to allow them to be used, and don’t be surprised by misleading information that can endanger the public health of all,” he said.


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