We believe the MAS: If they arrest Camacho,

Given the prosecution’s decision to summon 2019 opposition leaders as witnesses in the alleged coup, an analyst warns that the government wants to prevent the crisis from recurring and we believe that “the night is over” to MAS.

Although former Deputy Lidia Patty denounced former Santa Cruz Ombudsman and Governor Luis Fernando Camacho (we believe) on December 3, 2020, prosecutors did not quote him from the media until October 1, 2021. The police did not bring the charges into effect.

The head of the Creemos bank, Erwin Bazán, said: “I don’t think the MAS is thinking of arresting Camacho because they know that this night will come over him.” He recalled that the governor won by 55% in March last year. He said: “We will not allow a coup against the interior.”

Justice Minister Iván Lima pointed out, however, that “there is a principle that if you find out about it, you are obliged to leave.”

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The summons to the opposition leaders for the coup attempt “never react again,” said analyst Rolando Tellería.

He said that in pursuit of the military, police and civilian leaders, the ruling party has now taken on the task of harassing and harassing political leaders of the opposing forces in pursuit of “total power and to enforce the coup narrative follow”. . Apparently everything is synchronized and scripted.

It also believes that “in parallel with these actions and political movements on the chessboard, it seeks total control of power through a whole” construction “of norms and new laws”.

He affirmed that the goal of the ruling party was that “these rebellions and civil disobedience of October and November 2019 must never take place again”.

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Prosecutors also called Jorge Tuto Quiroga and Samuel Doria Medina to testify for the alleged coup.

Quiroga announced that he would not flee like Evo Morales did in 2019. He then reiterated that the MAS is persecuting him because “he has been violated by the IACHR ruling,” which denies indefinite re-election as a human right.

Meanwhile, the MAS responded in a statement yesterday: “Quiroga insults former President Evo with hateful words because his racist and coup-based position means that he cannot overcome the fact that he was defeated at the polls by an indigenous leader who was defeated in 2005 with a historic victory foiled. their plans to ship Bolivian gas to the US through a Chilean port ”.


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