We believe that international organizations should be asked for Áñez.  to intervene

The Senate bench of senators and MPs of the opposition alliance Creemos sent denunciation notes to international human rights organizations, in which they announced the “delicate health situation and the violation of human rights and the degrading treatment” against former President Jeanine Añez Chávez and other “political prisoners”.

In the letter, “Your good offices are called upon to stand up for the situation of the ex-president before the government of Bolivia in order to protect her human rights and avoid irreparable damage to her life and health,” it said in a press release.

Senator Centa Rek pointed out that the notes were sent to condemn this arbitrariness because “the injustice in Bolivia continues and is growing … and confirms that political prisoners and detainees are being treated in a degrading way, as was the case with the former president Jeanine Añez is the case; Anyone who is arbitrarily detained without respecting the guarantees and due process is in a critical health situation at this point in time and is receiving degrading treatment instead of medical treatment.

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“As you know, Bolivia is going through a serious political crisis following the arrests and arrests of former President Jeanine Añez, her former ministers, the military and other opposition leaders ordered by Luis Arce Catacora’s government to ensure that A In Bolivia a coup was carried out and he invented a new story that misrepresents the facts about the events of October 2019, ”Creemos said in the letter.

The Alliance notes that “the arbitrary termination of the election fraud case was ordered, discarding the reports produced by the Organization of American States and European Union election mission, which were strong evidence of the irregularities identified in the 2019 elections. “.

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The letter, signed by members of the Creemos Assembly, condemns “the violation of the right to health, life and physical and mental integrity of former President Jeanine Añez”.

The letter was addressed to the President of the European Parliament; the Secretary General of the Organization of American States; the President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR); the International Secretariat of Amnesty International; the director of the Americas division of Human Rights Watch; and to the Department of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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