We believe that calls for comprehensive management of the pandemic, rather than just “good intentions”, are needed.

The parliamentary bank of We Believe in Deputies considered the purchase of 8 million vaccines against Covid-19 announced by President Luis Arce to be right and well meant; However, he called for comprehensive management of the pandemic.

“The intention is good and right, but we have to be realistic. Luis Arce has to take on comprehensive management of the pandemic and he doesn’t,” said the head of the opposition bank, Erwin Bazán, on a note from the press.

Legislators noted that there are medical staff in all departments in the country who have been hired by the national government to care for the pandemic and who have not received a salary for 5 months.

The constant demand of this sector is to have adequate conditions and work equipment, an aspect that needs to be resolved quickly and also the permanent anger over an important sector of workers to be part of the pandemic, said Bazán.

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President Luis Arce urges sub-national governments to mobilize resources against the pandemic, 15% of their budget, but the population needs to know that these resources do not exist because they are already tied up, he said.

Bazán pointed out that the use of 10,000 daily diagnostic tests to curb the spread of the virus must be accompanied by emergency measures such as medical treatment and medication, but neither do the conditions the president requires from communities and governments.

“In his message, President Luis Arce did not accept any solutions for the lack of conditions for medical personnel and the lack of infrastructure in view of the impending occurrence of the fourth wave of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we continue with the same lack of health logistics, both in the public system and in social security, ”he said.

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Bazán expressed the uncertainty created by the government for non-compliance in purchasing the 5.2 million doses of Sputnik-V vaccines it pledged from Russia in December 2020, of which less than a million arrived. Added to this is the lack of an orderly and appropriate communication policy.

“We have to take into account that the vaccines with our supply will be exhausted in a few hours. And the new batches will arrive in about 10 days. The president did not speak about it because these substantive questions are insufficient to attract publicity and applause, “added the Creemos deputy.


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