We believe it calls into question the judicial reform plan drawn up by the MAS

The deputy and head of Creemos Bank, Erwin Bazán, yesterday criticized the judicial reform promoted by the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), arguing that Justice Minister Iván Lima “impoverishes the great opportunity we have for real reform,” affirmed and called his proposal “chacota”.

“Citizens and the Creemos alliance want judicial reform, but not on the terms under which Minister Lima is carrying it out,” he added.

The judicial reform proposed by Lima, which was presented last week, comprises six axes: conflict resolution, access to the justice system, independence of the judiciary, ICT solutions, regulatory development and institutional transparency. However, Bazán believes that this plan does not attack the real problem of the judiciary in Bolivia as he sees it as part of the system rather than the system as a whole.

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“He only wants to reduce the reform to the modifications of the penal system, when all Bolivians know that the problem of the judiciary is extensive, a problem that has to do with the corruption and inefficiency of the judiciary, with the abusive handling of the MAS with it Power organ “, commented the deputy.


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