We believe claims of conspiracies in rising Covid-19 cases will be dismissed

In a statement, We Believe’s bank in Santa Cruz dismissed statements by Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez, in which he assured that the increase in cases of Covid-19 in the Santa Cruz region is due to ” legal plans”.

“We believe that the statements made by the authorities, using the suffering of thousands of families affected by the virus and its consequences, lack any logical scientific basis and only continue on the government line, at any cost to the terrible and useless management in these matters hiding the health carried out by Luis Arce Catacora’s government, which is unable to deal effectively with the health emergency resulting from Covid-19,” explains the statement.

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They also criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic, while blaming Chávez’s claims for alleged distrust of the Santa Cruz region.

“Hatred and resentment against Santa Cruz and against opposition to this regime clouds the judgment of many national authorities,” they said.

We believe he stated that “the lack of a comprehensive policy to combat the coronavirus pandemic is the absolute responsibility of the central government and, like any strategy, cannot simply be subordinated to vaccine acquisitions.”

Finally, they warn Chávez not to “misinform and confuse” the population and to stick to his role as Attorney General out of respect for the victims of Covid-19.

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