We believe Arce is asking Wilfredo Chavez to urge him not to give the OEP any powers

The Creemos bank on Tuesday urged President Luis Arce to urge Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez not to assign powers equivalent to the Plurinational Electoral Body (OEP) and to focus on cases that have been paralyzed. The request was made by means of a letter addressed to the President of the country.

“We believe that we are asking Mr Wilfredo Chávez to abandon claims that do not fall within his jurisdiction and that, on the contrary, he is beginning to lead all these paralyzed processes,” the opposition bank wrote in a letter.

It also points out that the powers the prosecutor assigns are a sign of the country’s lack of institutional independence and part of a disregard for the rule of law.

“The prosecutor’s approach to assigning such roles shows the country’s lack of institutional independence and disregard for the rule of law,” We believe the note added.

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The Bank of Santa Cruz’s request stems from Chavez, who proposed to review the minutes of the 2019 general election, which were canceled following a complaint of electoral fraud. The prosecutor alleged that the review was open to the public and confirmed that it would take place in the town of El Alto; However, it did not specify which technicians and professionals the exam would count on.

We believe we have reminded the President that the job of the Attorney General’s office is not to deal with electoral matters, as this is defined in Law 064 “Attorney General Law”, which in its Article 2, Purpose and The Responsibilities are: “Public legal representation, the purpose of which is to promote, defend and protect the interests of the state. The exercise of the functions is carried out by the servants specified in this law.

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“It is not the job of this agency to take note of matters related to electoral matters, so it would not be empowered to review the electoral papers and perform the functions of the OEP,” Creemos said in the letter.

In addition, they asked him to lead corruption cases that have been paralyzed by the Bolivian judiciary and that are actually part of the duties of the body responsible for Chavez. The letter cites these cases: “CAMCE, Air Catering, Chinese Barges, Army Construction Company, and Indigenous Fund, among others.”


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