Voice of the TSE sees that the statute of the MAS is against the CPE

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Rosario Baptista Canedo questioned the adoption of the Organic Statute of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) on the grounds that it violated the provisions of the Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

The electoral authority expressed its opposition on September 22nd by ratifying the blue party’s internal normative document, promoted by coca farmer leader Evo Morales and his entourage.

In the dissent document, Baptista stated that the statute of a political organization must be adapted to the Magna Carta and the laws and that the previous inspection found that the MAS document violated the conventional, constitutional and legal framework of the state.

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The member questioned Articles 66 and 67 on Designated Authorities, stating that it stipulated “who the authorities and civil servants are during the period that MAS-IPSP is a government, which is an inadmissible generalization”.

He points out that civil rights are being violated as the blue party involves political militancy in order to exercise a public office, apart from the eligibility set out in the constitution.

On the other hand, it questions the fact that the MAS sees itself as the holder of a “seat” without respecting what is established by the right to citizenship, which means that “every person can take part in training courses and exercise functions in public authorities” eligible for funding. Person, and that MAS should therefore not claim the “right to own the seat”.

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Economic contributions

The contribution imposed by the MAS is directly related to the exercise of the public function, in particular “elected, appointed authorities, civil servants, employees, workers in public, decentralized, self-sufficient institutions that represent the MAS-IPSP in our plurinational state from Bolivia “. who have a monthly income pay regularly according to the following scale ”.


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