Human Rights Watch (HRW) director José Miguel Vivanco confirmed in an interview published on Sunday that there was concern about the excessive use of preventive detention against former President Jeanine ñez and that Bolivia was facing a chronic human rights crisis Seven.

She said: “Human Rights Watch has analyzed the terrorism indictments and the genocide indictments and found that these documents contain no concrete evidence that it committed these crimes.

“We are concerned that she has been detained for so long, which is a perfect example of the excessive and political use of pre-trial detention in Bolivia,” she replied.

Meanwhile, he said Bolivia had chronic and persistent human rights problems.

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“I would particularly like to emphasize the lack of independence of the judiciary, a key element since an independent judiciary is an indispensable prerequisite for the defense of the rule of law and human rights. There is an urgent need to carry out a structural reform of the judiciary that will give it independence and impartiality ”.

Referring to the victims and massacres of the 2019 political crisis, he added that “it is imperative to respond to cases of murder, torture, sexual abuse and other human rights abuses committed in connection with the 2019 social and electoral crisis, To find justice ”. .

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The director of HRW will complete his 30-year cycle at the Human Rights Defense Institution and start new projects.


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