Vivanco describes Áñez's trial as

José Miguel Vivanco, America’s executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), called former President Jeanine Áñez’s charges of “genocide” “nonsense” and reiterated that such a situation “hinders” impartial justice for victims .

Meanwhile, Fernando Pavel, the former president’s doctor, reiterated his suggestion to take the former president to a mental hospital for specialist treatment. The doctor reported that the former head of state had lost 11 kilos since she was arrested, was “pale” and was mentally very bad

With HRW there are five international institutions that have made decisions in relation to the criminal case against the former President Áñez, but also based on the physical and emotional situation that the former authority is going through.

“The GIEI-Bolivia (Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts) has provided solid evidence of the involvement of security forces in two horrific massacres. But to accuse Jeanine Áñez of “genocide” is nonsense. These disproportionate allegations make it difficult for the victims to obtain impartial justice, ”Vivanco wrote yesterday on his Twitter account.

On Monday, 23 former presidents of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and America (IDEA) urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and its Executive Secretary Tania Reneum Panszi to take precautionary measures, and the United Nations Organization (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to exercise their powers quickly and effectively and uphold the rights to freedom, life and personal integrity of the former Bolivian leader.

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On August 21, the same day that Áñez was injured, the European Union (EU) said it had listened to the news regarding the former president with concern, adding that it hoped “the relevant authorities will do everything possible to guarantee their rights ”. to health integral, both physically and mentally ”.

The US embassy in Bolivia also expressed concern on Saturday, adding: “We encourage the government of Bolivia to ensure adequate supplies,” the message wrote on its Twitter account.


Yesterday Jeanine Áñez studied medicine in a clinic in the city of La Paz, then returned to Miraflores prison.

On the other hand, the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies announced their visit to Miraflores Women’s Prison this Wednesday to review the conditions of Áñez and hear the demands of the detainees, the President confirmed this Legislative instance, Juan José Jauregui.

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Áñez worries journalists

The National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANPB) and the Association of Journalists of La Paz (APLP) expressed concern about the current situation of former President Jeanine Áñez.

In a note, the institutions affirmed that it does not go unnoticed that “the judiciary and the public ministry are being manipulated in such a way that the independence of state powers and organs, which are all subject to the executive branch, has disappeared”. “In this worrying context, the human and constitutional rights of former President Jeanine Áñez and other prisoners are currently being violated; In the specific case of Áñez, the violations of his rights to due process, defense and the presumption of innocence are more than obvious, ”the document says.


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