Vivanco asks Arce to support equal rights for same-sex couples in Bolivia

A few days after the commemoration of LGTBI Pride Day, Human Rights Watch director José Miguel Vivanco noticed that only one same-sex couple was able to get their free union recognized in Bolivia and asked President Luis Arce for support for equality Rights.

“There is only one Bolivian couple who have achieved free association recognition in their country. We are in the 21st century. It is time for Luis Arce’s government to end discrimination and support equality between people of the same sex, ”he told Vivanco on his Twitter account and shared a tweet from the Mission in Bolivia of the Office of the United High Commissioner Nations for Human Rights (OHCHR Bolivia).

In December last year, David Víctor Aruquipa Pérez and Guido Álvaro Montaño Durán managed to get the state of Bolivia through the civil status service (Serecí) to recognize their free association after 11 years of marriage.

The event is “a milestone in the further development of the agenda for LGBTI + rights,” says a tweet from OHCHR Bolivia.

“The performance of David and Guido must be consolidated and extended to all same-sex couples who want to officially recognize their love,” added (OHCHR Bolivia).


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