Vivanco: Allegations against Waldo Albarracín's son are

Human Rights Watch (HRW) America’s executive director José Miguel Vivanco described the allegations against Franco Albarracín, vice-president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) and son of Waldo Albarracín, as “nonsense”. .

This afternoon, the chairman of the MAS, Aldo Michel, announced the extension of the lawsuit over the alleged “coup”, said Franco Albarracín.

“Aldo Michel, a MAS fighter, has just indicated on Erbol radio that they will expand the demand for the alleged coup against me. He accuses me of having armed paramilitary groups in the southern part of La Paz, ”Albarracín said on his Twitter account.

Vivanco shared the tweet, noting that “the allegations against @albarracin_fra are total nonsense. During Jeanine Áñez’s reign, MAS fighters complained for good reason that they would be persecuted with trials with no evidence, and now that they are in power, they are doing the same.

Michel also demanded that prosecutors expedite a summons from Franco’s father, Waldo Albarracín, to the same investigation. He also called for other people such as Luis Fernando Camacho, Luis Revilla and Marco Pumari to be summoned.


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