Vigils in Cochabamba and Sucre for Manfred's audience

Dozens of people set up vigils in Cochabamba and Sucre in support of Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa shortly after the hearing in the Constitutional Chamber of Chuquisaca on the Sillar Alternativo case. The hearing is scheduled for 11:00 a.m.

In Cochabamba, several people pitched tents on Plaza 14 de Septiembre, construction workers blocked the adjacent streets and waited for a positive decision from the mayor.

In Sucre, several people set up a vigil outside the doors of the Departmental Court of Justice (TDJ). The people who arrived in Cochabamba installed a vigil with flags and posters from Cochabamba in favor of the mayor. Some acknowledge that they arrived on their own, while others state that they are responding to invitations from youth groups and districts associated with Reyes Villa.

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At Thursday’s hearing, a Chuquisaca Constitutional Chamber will decide whether the Amparo presented by Reyes Villa against the Supreme Court Criminal Chamber is appropriate as an appeal against the one against the Mayor of El Sillar. Current judgment was rejected case. .


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