Victims announce trial against Lanchipa and police

To the knowledge of the report of the Interdisciplinary Expert Group (GIEI) of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR), the victims of Sacaba and Senkata have announced that they will initiate a breach of duty and failure to act against the Attorney General, Juan Lanchipa and uniformed police officers.

Ayben Huaranca, the nurse accused in the 2019 events of posing as a doctor, military officer and policeman who was sent to San Pedro prison, said it was the public ministry agency that gave the go-ahead for this there was a lawsuit against him for which he has so far suffered a civilian death and cannot get a job.

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“This bad prosecutor (Juan Lanchipa) and several police officers invented crimes like sedition and terrorism and sent us to prison, not just me but many others. They must fall because it was they who hurt several families and many people. We were political prisoners for helping people, “he said.

“He has to see the mistake he made, he has to admit. Since they locked me up, they have destroyed my life, they have killed me in a civilized way, so far I cannot find a job, “said Huaranca.

María Cusi Tankara, mother of one of those who died in Senkata after Evo Morales resigned, assured that the judicial process to seek justice is the first step. He stated that the public ministry, police and military authorities at the time were accountable.

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“The trials of those who need to be carried out are being opened, including the police and the military,” he said.


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