Vice Minister joins the application to investigate the examination traffic in the Ministry of Education

The Deputy Minister for Regular Education, Bartolomé Puma, joined in the call for an investigation into the alleged interference that had taken place in the Ministry of Education during the process of appointing senior positions in the education system.

Puma referred to the problem in a video that it had created in collaboration with the deputy university minister, Aurea Balderrama, who filed a criminal complaint in the case.

“As Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, we are obliged to denounce and inform the relevant authorities so that the relevant investigations can be carried out,” said Balderrama with Puma.

“We have already seen messages on WhatsApp in national newspapers and then have to tell them that the assumptions are illegal, but they can check and investigate the relevant prosecutor,” added Puma.

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The complaint was lodged with the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the end of July against the Minister of Education Adrián Quelca and the former Director of Higher Education Agustín Tarifa.

According to the complaint, the Minister of Education had instructed Tarifa to favor or harm applicants for management positions in the education system, but the latter had also sent the applicants examination forms. The indictment said there were WhatsApp conversations that would confirm the crimes.

Balderrama said these alleged acts of corruption are damaging the image of President Luis Arce’s government and the image of teachers.


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