Van with migrants overturns in the area of ​​the secret border crossings between Bolivia and Chile

The influx of undocumented immigrants, mostly Venezuelans, increased in August due to the secret crossings of the Altiplano between Bolivia and Chile, where a truck overturned that Monday and at least one was injured on the road while the others escaped through the mountains reportedly Mayor’s office on the border.

The accident happened on Monday morning when a van picked up a group of migrants who had entered Chile irregularly from Bolivia, according to the Colchane Mayor’s office.

“The vehicle overturned, resulting in an injured Venezuelan national who was brought by car to Colchane’s medical practice, where he is being watched,” the mayor’s office said while broadcasting video and photos from a morning with a high influx of migrants with suitcases and as a family next to the border post.

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According to the injured migrant, surnamed Pérez, there were about 10 people in the van when the driver lost control and crashed into a hill. There were other injuries and the driver was “the worst” but they escaped and everyone’s whereabouts was unknown.

The event occurred amid the sharp surge in migrants, mostly Venezuelans, who had been arriving on foot since the end of last year and with air and land borders closed, crossing the inhospitable plateau to cross secret steps to Colchane, a border town to Bolivia at an altitude of 3,650 meters.

The injured migrants tried to reach Iquique, the capital of the Tarapacá region, where over the past few weeks they have filled the apartments prepared for their reception by the local authorities, while others have chosen to camp on the beaches and parks of Iquique .

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Most of these people are trying to come to Santiago to find a better life in Chile, which has weathered the Covid-19 crisis better than other countries in the region.

As of January 2021, at least 11 migrants have died trying to get from Bolivia to Chile, most of the victims of hypothermia or fatigue from traveling in very difficult conditions are Venezuelans, a community that has become the largest in Chile in less than seven years with 455,000 registered people.


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