Valverde to Evo: There is a lot of cynicism that he should speak of the corruption in Santa Cruz when he was Percy's ally

Journalist Carlos Valverde said it was “a lot of cynicism” when he spoke to former President Evo Morales about the corruption in Santa Cruz over the ghost objects case when he was an ally of former Mayor Percy Fernández.

“When Evo Morales talks about corruption, it’s like seeing the devil complain that hell is hot, it’s a lot of cynicism (…). Evo Morales has no ethics and morals. He was an ally of Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa, they shared it with the city government, they distributed hits as they wanted, ”he told Página Siete Digital.

After Morales exploded the subject matter case, he argued that it was a sign of a corrupt system of the Santa Cruz oligarchies. He later stated that cooperatives should be nationalized and scrutinized.

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Valverde recalled that there had been several irregular events during the ex-president’s leadership, including the cases of Chinese barges, the Indigenous Fund, CAMCE, which includes his ex-partner Gabriela Zapata, so he has no morals has to talk about corruption.

“Why don’t you come to Santa Cruz to tell us that cooperatives need to be nationalized, that Santa Cruz is corrupt? Because he’s scared. Evo Morales is scared and crying, we have already seen him cry when he went to Mexico after they discovered the fraud, ”he said.

MAS brings the political scene to Santa Cruz

Political scientist Carlos Cordero stated that Morales was against the institutional framework of Santa Cruz, since this region was the center of political resistance.

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“For Evo Morales to return to power, they have to falter, defeat Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the center of political resistance at this moment, it is one of the regions where the MAS has lost and it has shown that it has mobilizing power on the streets, ”he told this media.

Cordero stated that by the 2025 elections the MAS will attempt to view the entire Santa Cruz political class as corrupt. This in order to show itself as an honest political alternative in order to win votes and supporters in this region.


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