Vaccination card: Ayllus nortepotosinos demand the repeal of the regulations in 24 hours or they mobilize

The Council of Authorities of the Federation of Indigenous Indigenous Ayllus of the North of Potosí decided this Monday to give the government a period of 24 hours to repeal the decrees establishing the need for the anticovid vaccination card, otherwise the mobilizations and blockades will begin .

The resolution was read by José Manuel García, curaq Mallku of the Ayllus Federation, after the meeting that Monday, at which the rejection of decrees 4640 and 4641 was found, according to Radio Pío XII.

The regulations stipulate that in order to enter crowded places, the vaccination card or otherwise a negative PCR test with a validity of 48 hours must be presented.

In their resolution, the Northern Ayllus take the view that Decrees 4640 and 4641 have a “dual purpose” to make vaccinations mandatory, since the lack of this document will limit the right of access to public and private facilities from January 26th.

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In this regard, they called for the decrees to be repealed immediately within 24 hours.

Likewise, the Ayllus rejected the request for an anticovid vaccination card in public and private institutions in the state territory. They also called for the Minister of Health to be dismissed immediately.

They also called for the upgrading of traditional medicine and the inclusion of traditional doctors in their own articles in each health center.

In their resolution they warned that if their demands are not met, they will be forced to “take appropriate measures, such as mobilizations and blockades, as the case may be”.

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The leaders emphasized that they had been exposed to diseases from traditional medicine since their ancestors. They questioned the government’s position on introducing vaccination cards as a requirement.

The curaq Mallku García confirmed that the 24-hour deadline is clear and the Ayllus are waiting for a response.

The chairman René Castro said that the social sectors feel “marginalized” and “trampled on”. He believes that the rules for carrying vaccination cards are not favorable for the rural population and workers.

He stated that the Ayllus did not agree with the postponement of the measures to January 26th, but were aiming for the decrees to be repealed.


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