Citizens, platforms, political leaders, indigenous peoples and social organizations that have come together in the “Bloque de Unidad” ratified the call for street marches and a citizens’ strike for the next 10 and 11 October in Santa Cruz yesterday. The aim is to require the government to comply with 10 points.

One of the demands of the “unitary bloc” is that rights be stopped through the use of the judiciary and the public prosecutor’s office; End of political persecution against political leaders, police and military among others.

In the meantime, they have advised the Movement towards Socialism that these measures of the “opposition have political interests” and have ratified a mobilization in Cochabamba for October 12th in support of Luis Arce’s government.

The document states that the judicial system will not be manipulated for other cases or used as a pretext to criminalize politics.

That the judicial political persecution of the governor of Santa Cruz, the mayors of La Paz and Cochabamba and “any other sub-national authority conferred by the referendum will cease”.

They also demand that the persecution of the police and military be stopped and that “it should not be stopped by restoring those who separated them.”

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The mobilizations for October 10th and 11th will serve to require the government to comply with more than 10 points.

The Unity Bloc debated for more than two hours with interventions from national and departmental authorities, former presidents, representatives of social, indigenous, civic, civil and political organizations, the so-called “Unity Bloc for Freedom and Democracy”, which was ratified in Santa Cross yesterday

The national summit for unity and the defense of freedom and democracy took place in the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens Committee and was convened four days ago in Potosí.


The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho; the President of the Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo; political leaders Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Carlos Mesa; the medical college; the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade); Representatives of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches; Neighborhood councils, citizen platforms, unions, vans, 21F platforms, military on passive duty, members of the prisoners of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC) and members of Montero victims, among others.

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In the resolution the participation of all organizations represented in the assembly in the already called mobilizations, like the great march in the city of La Paz on October 10th and the citizens’ strike planned for October 11th, which the government demands: that the judicial political In the event of a “false coup”, the prosecution will cease and the political prisoners will be released.

Requests to block units

– The end of the persecution and stigmatization of the youth of the RJC.

– Call for the immediate release of former President Jeanine Áñez and all political prisoners.

– The renewal of the high authorities of the prosecution and the judiciary with the addition of new independent authorities and evidence.

– Request the immediate renewal of the supreme authority of the ombudsman.

– Call on the government to end legislative treatment of the Bill against Legitimization of Illegal Profits.

– They demand that the four state powers meet the demands of the March of the Peoples of the Amazon.


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