Unions, Transport and Santa Cruz suspend an indefinite strike

After nine days of cessation of activities and the passing of the rule repealing Law 1386 on the Strategy against the Legitimization of Illegal Profits, the citizens, transport companies and union members of Santa Cruz decided to suspend the protests and normalize their activities.

“We are lifting the open-ended strike with immediate effect and are declaring ourselves in favor of an emergency and permanent mobilization,” said the President of the Committee for Santa Cruz, Rómulo Calvo, last night.

The union federation of Bolivia decided to lift the pressure measure. While organized transport in Sucre decided to withdraw its motorized vehicles “since the destination had been reached,” according to its guides.

In Potosí today at 10:00 am, citizens called the Consultative Council to evaluate the nine days of the strike and decide whether to continue or suspend the measure.

Following Calvo’s announcement, a group of people at the blockade points protested in front of the doors of the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee last night, demanding the resignation of the mayor.

The group was originally identified with the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista, but in a statement this group denied their presence at the protests.

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The protesters refer to Calvo as a “traitor” because the aim was to continue the strike and demand the repeal of the entire legislative package and the replacement of two-thirds.

Until the end of this issue (midnight), the protest continued in front of the police, who were one block from the square. Some Santa Cruz digital media announced that Rómulo Calvo was no longer at the seat of the committee.

After meeting with other sectors, Calvo announced last night that all pressures would be lifted, despite warning that if there was an “attack” on democracy and freedom, they could return to the streets.

Believing that in the multi-week struggle, the Bolivian people were the only winner, citizens said the government was “defeated” by trying to uphold a law that violated citizenship.


Potosí bourgeois president Juan Carlos Manuel recalled that although one of the norms observed has been repealed, it is necessary to listen to the other demands which, for example, call for two thirds of the norms to be passed in the legislature.

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The chairman confirmed that today they will share the basics of the other regulations that have been complied with, such as the business plan, which universities and municipalities also comply with.

He regretted that the norms adopted by the Movement towards Socialism legislators are not consulted with the sectors.

You will stay on your toes

“Finally we’ve made it. This achievement of the Bolivian people is a struggle, but the struggle must go on. The open-ended strike that we started on November 8th with the unions, transport and health militants was an instrument of struggle, but the resistance to totalitarianism must continue with this and other instruments, “said the President of Santa Civic Committee Cruz, Rómulo Calvo.

Calvo questioned that the government had not apologized for the “victims” left by the struggle and that, on the contrary, they were “arrogant and vengeful” and encouraged confrontation with social sectors.


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