Unions say measures will be completed with Act 1386 repealed;  exclude other lawsuits

The union sector remains in case of an emergency, waiting for a brief norm to be passed by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly that definitively repeals Law 1386 on the Strategy to Combat Legitimation of Illegal Profits.

The mobilizations “end with the repeal of Law 1386,” said union leader Carlos Calcina.

“We don’t have any additional demands. From the beginning there were two laws, the repeal of Law 1386 and the submission of Law 318. We achieved the second with a strike. They are talking about a package of laws, they want to enforce us.” to take to the streets. We will not be irresponsible, first of all it is important to know, based on the fact that we will speak out, “said the union executive César Gonzáles.

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He also noted that on the issue of the return of two-thirds of the legislature – requested by the citizens and opposition MPs – the position of the unions will be determined in a meeting. “It has to be signed by different organizations, we will come out united,” said Gonzáles.

Hundreds of Cochabamba merchants, along with city teachers and sirmes, protested in the city today to demand the brief law that guarantees the repeal of Law 1386. Meanwhile, the sectors remain in distress.


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