Unions give until Wednesday for the repeal of Law 1386

The Secretary General of the Bolivian Federation of Trade Unions, César Gonzáles, announced today that the sector leadership has decided to give the government 72 hours to repeal Law 1386 and its annex, otherwise it will go on an indefinite strike and continue marching the streets.

“In addition, the national executive (Francisco Figueroa) has been empowered to seek alliances across the country within its powers with other sectors also affected by Law 1386,” said Gonzáles.

They also stipulated that the picket should be suspended.

Law 1386, the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and Counter Terrorism, is essentially aimed at the informal sector of the country as the annex to this law provides that the entire informal sector must be formalized.

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In the extension, those responsible for El Alto reported that Economy Minister Marcelo Montenegro did not know how to answer the questions put by the trade unions and could not rule out that they would be affected by the Senate, which was finally withdrawn.


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