Unions announce a 48-hour strike on Monday ahead of the government's silence

The National Trade Union Confederation of Bolivia announced a 48-hour strike against the bill to legitimize illegal profits for Monday. The sector gave the government until Friday to finish and abandon the project, but to date it has received neither a response nor a call for dialogue.

“This Friday we are calling for an expanded national emergency in Cochabamba, but the decisions are already being made with the allies involved (in the protests) such as the citizens’ committees; on Monday we would be back on the streets, but already better organized, with more institutions that have collapsed, such as drivers, mining cooperatives and other sectors, “said Confederation Executive Secretary Francisco Figueroa.

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Last Monday, the unions held a 48-hour strike against the Bill to Legitimate Illegal Profits and gave the government along with other sectors 72 hours to overturn the bill, allegedly threatening the economic security of all sectors of the country Country and is unconstitutional.

Following the 72-hour ultimatum, Deputy Minister for Pensions and Financial Services, Ivette Espinoza, hinted that the ordinance, which has not even been promulgated, will not be repealed.

Figueroa said that they had not yet been invited by the Chamber of Senators or the Ministry of Economic Affairs to discuss compliance with their demands and criticized the executive branch for wanting to impose a law that had no consensus.

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He noted that a trade union commission met with the government days before the first strike and “they were told the law is good and needs to be approved, and then we will keep moving forward; that’s not right, that doesn’t mean “dialogue when someone wants to get something through,” he said.


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