Union marches in La Paz and Cochabamba demand the repeal of the anti-legitimation law

Massive union marches took over the center of the city of La Paz and Cochabamba, calling on the government to repeal Law 1386 and Law 218 against the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits and Terrorist Financing. They warned that if the executive does not listen to them, they will continue their mobilizations.

The unions expanded their demands, their demand is not just to submit the bill against the legitimation of illegal profits that its treatment in the Senate has been suspended.

Now they are demanding that the government repeal Act 1386 on the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits and the Financing of Terrorism, which was promulgated in August.

“(The measures) will be massive. We are setting a deadline for the government to call for dialogue and analysis, we are calling for the complete repeal of Law 1386 and the submission of Bill 218 (against the legitimation of illegal profits) because it has implications” the union family, “said Delia Huanca, General Manager of the La Paz Union Confederation, the ANF.

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While the top leader of the Bolivian Federation of Trade Unions, Francisco Figueroa, pointed out that they oppose the entire law and not individual articles, he also said that it affects not just merchants, but all Bolivians.

He protested that the government had not acted in good faith in approving the strategy to combat the legitimation of illicit profits. “There is no such thing as good faith. We are asking for the repeal of Law 1386 and Project 218,” said Figueroa.

The leaders warned that if the government does not open the dialogue and cancel Law 1386 and submit the project in question, they will take to the streets again next Monday warning with a mass mobilization.

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Huanca said they will not allow the small capital to be investigated, they said they cannot justify their assets because they do not have bills for the exemptions they will request in the investigations.

In Cochabamba, the union march passed through the main streets, from Aroma Avenue to September 14th Square. Then they installed a blockade point on the streets of Heroinas and Ayacucho.


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