Union leaders accuse MAS of being misinformed about the vaccine after saying the virus doesn't exist

El Alto trade union leader Antonio “Toño” Siñani pointed out this Thursday that “the majority of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS)” is responsible for declaring that the virus (Covid-19) does not exist and that you indoctrinated that rural citizens should take care of themselves with traditional medicine.

“The majority of the Socialism Movement has said that this virus comes from the right, that Ms. Jeanine Añez (that) her government wants to perpetuate itself. All the leaders themselves said: that the virus does not exist, ”said Siñani, according to an interview with Radio Compañera.

In addition, he said the claims made by some MAS leaders during the 2019 social conflict were made in council meetings arguing that the then government, chaired by Jeanine Añez, wanted to stay in power.

“The same government has a responsibility to say that we all take care of ourselves with natural medicine. What they said at the time, Andrónico Rodríguez himself said that the virus does not exist, it is up to the government (by Jeanine Añez) that is being extended, which is the right wing that the Yankees are bringing, “said the leader.

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“You have indoctrinated us”

Siñani expressed anger at Luis Arce’s government when he found a double discourse involving what he described as trying to “force” “gringo vaccines” when the government declared that vaccinations would not be compulsory .

“That the government doesn’t make ambiguities. Mr Arce Catacora made it very clear that the vaccines will be for those who want them, it will not be compulsory and why not comply? ”Criticized the President’s government.

He said the leaders told the people of El Alto that while flying planes from them they sent the coronavirus.

“All the people of El Alto feel betrayed by this government if they want to force us with this decree to inject ourselves with right-wing vaccines, and that is the trouble,” he said in an interview.

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He also affirmed that they (those of the government and the MAS leaders) “were responsible for misinforming the Bolivian people by misinforming comrades on the ground”.

In his reflection, he expressed that the persistence to treat Covid-19 with traditional medicine, which the government announced in the election campaign, had indoctrinated the citizens of El Alto.

“They have indoctrinated us that we should take care of ourselves with natural herbs, and no one can change that. The government was responsible for (misinforming us), ”said Siñani; However, he appeals to the conscience of its members so that they can get vaccinated.


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