Unemployment is felt in five regions;  there were gassings and collisions in the central axis

On the half-day of the citizens’ strike to reject the law against the legitimation of illegal profits, the pressure measure is strongly felt in Santa Cruz, while in Cochabamba, La Paz, Tarija and Potosí several lock points were reported, albeit not with the same urgency.

Police gassed gas in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz while a MAS shock group tried to lift some blockade points in La Paz and the eastern capital.

Santa Cruz has dozens of blockade points that prevent normal traffic in this area. There are also road closures in Chiquitania, Montero and the motorway to the north.

In the morning hours, the MAS City Councilor José Quiroz, along with a shock group, attempted to clear the Los Lotes area, where moments of tension were reported with people supporting the strike. The police later intervened with gasses and two young people were arrested.

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Fighting has also been reported on Santos Dumond Avenue between those who support the strike and those who have called for the measure to be lifted. The police separated the two groups to avoid clashes.

In La Paz, blackout points have been reported in the stadium area, Calacoto, in the south area and other districts. MAS supporters tried to unlock the Max Paredes and the Montes, but the neighbors later reinstalled the blocking point.

At least 10 blocking points are reported in Cochabamba. The strongest in the northern and central zones.

On Avenida Circunvalación, north of the capital Valladolid, the police intervened and gassed the blockade point, but the neighbors later started the pressure measures again.

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Police also unblocked Heroína and Ayacucho streets, but the unions later closed the street again.

In Tarija, Luis de Fuentes Square and the main streets have blocking points. The police reported, among other things, at least 15 blocking points on the central market, Bolívar Street, to General Trigo.

In Potosí, the Comité Cívico Potosinista (Comcipo) organized a march and installed blockade points in the streets Bustillos and Bolívar, the market 10 de Noviembre. 22 blocking points are reported.


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