Unemployment begins with closed markets and blockades in Cochabamba

The open-ended strike against Law 1386 began in Cochabamba with blockades in the north, west and center of the city as well as on the highway in the west, in the Suticollo sector.

The markets in the La Cancha area are closed and the unions are preparing a march, reported Unitel.

The police have been deployed in different parts of the city and have already put up a blockade on Heroinas Avenue, according to the Red Uno.

The police have orders not to allow any blockades.

According to the reports, there are blockades in Avenues América, Circunvalación, Melchor Pérez, Perú, Heroinas, Gabriel René Moreno, among others with neighbors who have placed stones and logs on the street.

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In addition, a blocking point was installed at kilometer 20 of the motorway to La Paz and Oruro in the Suticollo sector.

There are no lock areas in the southern part of the city.

The police dispatched 500 soldiers to conflict zones.


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