UN rapporteur will arrive in Bolivia to assess the judicial system

The Minister of Justice and Institutional Transparency, Iván Lima, reported Monday that Diego García Sayán, Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers of the United Nations (UN), will arrive in Bolivia in February to certify the independence of the judiciary evaluate.

“We will give the commitment to independence, cooperation and coordination in the area indicated by the President (Luis Arce), always with the greatest openness to international control (…) Now we are taking a fundamental step, he has The Special Rapporteur for the Judicial United Nations independence, Diego García Sayán, will visit us in the second week of February, ”said Lima at the opening ceremony of the judicial and constitutional year 2022 in Sucre.

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Bolivia is an “open state to international control”, as evidenced by the invitation to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which “like few countries” made it possible for the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to visit the United Nations and to receive García.

“We believe in the independence of the judiciary, we live it and we will make sure that it is respected. Few states admit that a rapporteur comes to assess independence and justice, assess how we are improving and how we are changing the judiciary in a respectful way, “” he said.

Lima pointed out that judicial reform is based on six axes and that the principle of independence must be respected as a structural and fundamental axis.

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He highlighted the beginning of the judicial and constitutional year 2022 with the presence of the four state organs, but with the message of independence and cooperation to “ensure the service of the people”.

“The four state organs are present here with a clear message of independence from the judiciary; independence is a constitutional value that is also reflected in cooperation, cooperation of all organs in order to guarantee justice to the Bolivian people,” he said.


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