UN calls for the GIEI report to be used impartially to reduce polarization

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, through her spokesman, highlighted the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts’ (GIEI) report on human rights violations in 2019, calling for the documentation to be used impartially to promote dialogue in Bolivia and reduce polarization .

“It is crucial that the documentation of human rights violations appearing in the report, the result of eight months of rigorous work, is used constructively and impartially to promote dialogue between the Bolivian people and to reduce polarization and political tension Statement by spokeswoman Liz Throssell.

The spokeswoman for the High Commissioner stressed that the report “documents serious human rights violations, including the systematic use of torture, summary executions and sexual and gender-based violence, during the post-2019 election crisis” “The violence had racist and anti-indigenous prejudices. “

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He called for independent investigations to be carried out to promote justice and full redress for the victims, clarify the truth and prevent new human rights violations in Bolivia.

He said the recommendations of the GIEI report and that of the High Commissioner in 2020 set a roadmap to address structural challenges in Bolivia, including racism and political interference in the judicial system, and to strengthen the rule of law and democracy.

Throssell also welcomed the commitment made by President Luis Arce to implement the GIEI report.

He urged the authorities to immediately put in place a mechanism to ensure that the recommendations translate into concrete action in the medium and long term.

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