Two police officers are injured in a new confrontation in the Charopampa community in Mapiri

The conflict between community members of Charopampa in the municipality of Mapiri and mining co-operatives intensified. This Friday there was a confrontation between the two sides, in which two police officers were injured by rubber bullets and others were bruised.

The fire department chief Marco Navía confirmed this information and indicated that the police officers had been transferred to the city of La Paz for medical care. According to a preliminary report, the health of both is stable.

“In the city of Mapiri yesterday some police officers were injured during the police operations, most of them have bruises. Among them are a non-commissioned officer and a sergeant with gunshot wounds, they are receiving medical aid for their LA,” he reported.

This Friday, a police contingent entered the place to protect the property of the Cooperativa Minera 15 de Mayo. This fact caused the residents’ discomfort and they accused the public force of intervening to promote the activities of the gold cooperative.

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Charopampa community lawyers, Freddy Tamayo and Wilson Martínez, denounced that the police attacked the population with tear gas to protect the interests of the Cooperativa Minera Aurífera 15 de Mayo.

They explained that due to the negotiations held between the two parties on Thursday, the measurements had to be carried out this Friday, but that differences arose because, according to the community’s lawyers, an area of ​​land was already functioning.

At the same time, Navía stated that the injured were Aurelio Calle Cupe and Omar Quispe Mayta, both from the Land and Border Police. The first was hit by a projectile in the thigh and right buttock area, while the second has a head wound, a left frontal region that did not show any major damage to the register.

“According to preliminary information, they are stable and will arrive in La Paz in the next few hours for medical treatment. Another lieutenant was injured and will also be transferred,” he said.

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One of the mining cooperative’s partners, Jhonny Vidal, said there were around 17 police officers injured from beating residents. He confirmed that the company had requested police intervention from the Mining Administrative Jurisdictional Authority (AJAM) to comply with the court ruling.

“We asked the AJAM to respect the constitutional protection that worked in our favor: They set the return and cessation of illegal work. In this part, the police are complying with the court order to return the property in favor of the cooperative, “he said.

It is expected that a dialogue table will be set up between the two sectors in the next few hours in order to avoid further confrontations and the subjugation of land.


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