Two people will be in the CNS in La Paz.  arrested for phantom objects

A former official and an official from the National Health Fund (CNS) of La Paz were arrested in connection with the alleged ghost items, prosecutor Lupe Zabala said.

He said those arrested were from the human resources department and were responsible for registering contracts.

Zabala pointed out that in this case there were also three arrest warrants against former CNS officials and officials.

Also involved in this investigation is Antonio Parada, who is the lead investigator in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office into the case of ghost objects and who was part of the CNS Human Resources Department in 2020.

Parada has an arrest warrant for this case, said the prosecutor. The government had previously reported that the refugee was already out of the country.

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The prosecutor added that Parada “had to sign the contracts with the highest executive body of the National Health Fund”.


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