Two parallel assemblies try to determine the future of Adepcoca.  define

In the midst of the dispute over control of the department’s association of coca producers (Adepcoca) of La Paz, the two sectors of the conflict decided to call separate “meetings” for October 4th. Armin Lluta’s organic front to elect an electoral committee and the government-imposed leadership of Arnold Alanes for a unity meeting that President Luis Arce will attend.

After 11 days of confrontation, following the forcible seizure of the legal market of Villa Fátima by members of the MAS with the support of the police, the mobilized coca cultivation sector made it clear that it is not responding to any leader and that its demand is to recover from the Adepcoca Hands of the government. For this reason, the pressure measurements will continue until the goal is achieved.

“On October 4th we are holding a large gathering of 100 percent of the members of the Yungas of La Paz, at the same concentration point, Calle 10 (Villa El Carmen, where the Adepcoca Hospital is located). All of our Los Yungas members must go to determine their electoral board. We all decided to do this in order to give viability and stability to the institution, ”said one of the members of the self-defense committee of the coca-growing institution.

But as long as this process unfolds, “the mobilization will continue as on the first day. New people are added every day ”.

The document drawn up by the committee sets out two points:

“The election committee must call the election within 10 days” and “the regional during the 10 days are responsible and responsible for their respective partners and the administration until a new directory of Adepcoca is formed.”

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The document refers to the commitment of the 17 Regionals, Cofecay Varones y Mujeres, with their ten male and female associations, in coordination with the self-defense committee of the three provinces, to restore the legal market.

Announcement of the MAS

Meanwhile, Alanes and his board of directors have also called a meeting to define the mission and vision of the institution. This will take place on October 4th in the Adepcoca offices.

The call states that it is a “grand unity meeting” that will be attended by President Arce, Minister for Rural Development, among others.

“We propose the systematisation of all revenue subject to control,” he said at a press conference at the Adepcoca facilities.

In view of the demand for new elections, the Führer denied the possibility.

“There is a legal guideline that seeks and exhausts all mechanisms to achieve unity,” said Alanes.

According to the leader of the coca farmers in Masista, sectors like Cofecay support this call, an aspect that has been denied by the executive.

They are not tired

“Arnold Alanez does not know our bases, so the mobilizations and the fight for the recovery of the Adepcoca market continue. Our people don’t get tired as the authorities think, and we have the support and support of all of the Yungas communities, which are all paralyzed right now. That’s why there are relays every 48 hours, ”said Roly Huanca, who is part of the Adepcoca Self-Defense Committee.

Government denies supporting Arnold Alanes

The day before, government minister Eduardo del Castillo assured that the central executive does not support any of the groups that deny the leadership of the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca), as it is a “completely private” issue “has nothing to do” with the national ones Authorities.

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“This government does not support a person from Adepcoca, but protects the environment of the community of La Paz. We avoid a confrontation that could lead to sad events. (…) This is a private matter, it has nothing to do with the state government, ”said the head of government.

On September 21, the government minister and his colleague from rural development appeared at the Adepcoca facilities to congratulate Alanes and to pass a ministerial resolution returning the commercialization of coca to Villa Fátima.

“We saw the meeting for unity, which was attended by more than 4,500 people. Although there have been incidents, it was decided to confirm an election held in the Yungas. We believe that the conflict will lead to a good solution, ”he said at the time.

But yesterday he said: “We have never endorsed each other, this is a very private matter.”

Defense attorney calls for an end to the violence

The Ombudsman, Nadia Cruz, reported Thursday that the institution had recorded 32 coca farmers and police injuries and 69 detainees in the 11 days of the Adepcoca conflict.

Among the wounded are 25 civilians and seven police officers – three women and four men – and among the detainees are nine women and 60 men, ten of whom are still being arrested.

“The exercise of the protest has a constitutional protective framework and the tasks of internal order were necessary, the defensive interventions confirmed effects on girls, boys and adolescents,” it said in a statement.


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