Two other people involved in the tear gas case are declared absent

Prosecutors reported that two other people involved in the tear gas case were declared absent over the weekend. They are Sergio Zamora, a former government department official during Arturo Murillo’s tenure, and businessman Brayan Berkman.

Zamora was the general manager of administrative affairs, while Berkman was the legal representative of Bravo Tactical Solutions, which sold tear gas to the Bolivian state, allegedly at an additional cost, during the transitional government.

The declaration of rebellion arises after these people fail to appear before the Bolivian authority.

In this case, former ministers Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López have already been declared rebels, the first in the United States and the second in Brazil.

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Prosecutor Eddy Flores pointed out that Zamora was charged with state-damaging contract crimes and inefficient behavior, as he was the one who channeled the employment of chemical warfare agents.

It is known that Brayan Berkman was imprisoned in the United States along with his father Luis Berkman, businessman Philip Lichtenfeld, former civil servant Rodrigo Méndez and former minister Murillo. The businessmen and Méndez have already pleaded guilty to this trial in the north of the country.

The prosecutor pointed out that Berkman is accused in Bolivia of advocating illegal enrichment.

In this case, the irregularities and the surcharge with which tear gas would have been obtained from Bravo Tactical Solutions will be investigated. Bribes for this hiring have been exposed in the United States.

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Former Defense Ministry official Ruth P., who is in Brazil, is scheduled to attend a precautionary hearing this Monday, prosecutors added.


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